High Modulus Carbon Fiber Sheet


Our isotropic and quasi-isotropic prepreg carbon fiber sheets are manufactured using pre-impregnated aerospace-grade Carbon Fiber Fabric, also known as prepreg carbon fiber. This means that the carbon fiber cloth used in the manufacture of these composite panels and carbon plates is saturated with resin prior to the layup. This allows us to provide you with a lighter and stronger part than Carbon sheets made using traditional Vacuum infusion methods. Once the prepreg carbon fiber panel has been laid-up to your required thickness, it is then placed into a vacuum chamber and heated to the appropriate temperature for the resin to activate and fully cure. The end result of this process is an engineered carbon fiber plate that is significantly stiffer, stronger, and lighter than our competitors’ products

We offer these pre-impregnated carbon fiber composite panels in thicknesses ranging from 0.04 (1/25th in.)  all the way up to 1 in. Both isotropic and quasi-isotropic layups are available to suit your needs for structural and non structural use.

***These carbon plates can be machined to your specifications at an additional cost. ***


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