Connectors and Hose

We have selected these vacuum connectors, Vacuum tubing, hoses and infusion supplies carefully so that we can provide you with peace of mind that you are using the highest quality materials availabe.  

Vacuum Bagging and Infusion

Vacuum bagging or Vacuum infusion is a process that uses a two-sided mold that shapes both surfaces of a composite part. The lower mold is rigid, and commonly made from Fiberglass and coated with gelcoat. The upper portion of the mold is made from a flexible membrane or vacuum bag. This vacuum bag can be a reusable silicone material or an extruded polymer film. Once the lay up is completed vacuum is applied to the mould cavity and the material is allowed to debulk. This process can be performed at either ambient or elevated temperature with ambient atmospheric pressure acting upon the vacuum bag.

Once all of the air had been drawn out of the bag through a “nipple”( vacuum connector)  or vacuum port ( Vacuum hose) using a vacuum pump; the result is a uniform pressure approaching one atmosphere that is applied to the surfaces of the part inside the bag This pressure hold the part within the bag in place while the matrix is allowed to fully cure. The entire bag may also be placed in a temperature-controlled oven, oil bath or water bath and gently heated to accelerate curing.