Vacuum Bag/Infusion

Nylon Vacuum Bagging and Vacuum Infusion 

      What is Vacuum infusion and what supplies will I need?

Vacuum Resin Transfer Molding or Vacuum Resin Infusion is a process that uses a two-sided mold that shapes both surfaces of a composite part. The lower mold is rigid, and commonly made from Fiberglass and coated with Polyester Gelcoat. The upper portion of the mold is made from a flexible membrane or vacuum bag. This vacuum bag can be a reusable silicone material or an extruded polymer film. Once the lay up is completed, vacuum is applied to the mold cavity and the material is allowed to debulk. This process can be performed at either ambient or elevated temperature with ambient atmospheric pressure acting upon the vacuum bag.

Here is a video of our technicians performing a vacuum infusion .