All of our Polyester Resin and Epoxy Resin systems are manufactured in the United States by American owned and operated companies. We only use “spec resins”. You can be confident that all of our products are not re-cooked or off brand materials. We have an extensive selection of polyester resins that are compatible as carbon fiber resin and fiberglass resin.

We also keep Marine GelcoatTooling Gelcoat  and Polyester Gelcoat; Table Top EpoxyVinylester resin and Infusion Resin in stock and ready for shipping. 

We use these same Polyester Resin systems in our production facility which allows us to provide you with the best available materials for your composite parts, carbon fiber sheets, or composite reinforcement.  

These materials are available in a range of quantities ranging from one (1) quart for the at home hobbyist, all the way up to 55 gallon drums for business use( please call for special pricing).