Carbon Fiber Tapes

Have you been looking get Carbon Fiber Tape to repair your boat or make some structural reinforcements? Carbon fiber tapes are commonly used on the edges of composite parts or as a composite reinforcement. This tape is made from the same material as our 5.7oz 3K Plain weave carbon fiber fabric  and unidirectional carbon that has been cut down from it’s full width and has had the seams stitched in order to keep the woven cloth from fraying. It features excellent draping qualities and can be used in locations where it isn’t possible or very difficult to use our larger carbon fiber fabrics. Our carbon fiber is available as plain weave, non-woven unidirectional carbon fiber tape, twill weave, and 4 harness satin weave. It is available in widths ranging from two (2) inches to twelve (12) inches. We take great pride in bringing you the best carbon fiber cloth for sale on the internet, and our cut yardage prices are the best you will find online.