Our composite bulker materials such as Lantor Coremat and Soric are considered to be the best composite bulking materials currently on the market, and are used in carbon fiber and Fiberglass laminates to increase the thickness of composite parts.  In the case of Coremat Xi it is a non woven material with perferation that allows for resin to flow through the composite materials and add structural value to your part. 

 LeapTech is also proud to be a distributor of US coast guard approved expanding urethane foam.  This closed cell foam is approved for flotation and is the ideal material for boat repair when used with our Gelcoat repair kit after an underwater impact and pontoon floation.  Our 4, 8 and 16 LB  2 part foam kits have a higher density than the 2lb marine foam. These AB  Urethane foam products can be used for adding strength without adding alot of weight.  Expanding Foam can also used in mining , and construction as a structural foam