Carbon Fiber Sheets (Textured for bonding) – Structural


Finish: Textured for bonding (glossy available upon request)
Strength: Light to Medium Structural Applications.

Our Carbon Fiber Panels are constructed with the same certified carbon fiber that is currently used in state of the art aircraft and sailing yachts. With the use of certified T-300 carbon fiber fabric all of our carbon fiber panels are made to the highest standards in both manufacture and material.

Carbon fiber panels have physical properties that are similar to steel. However, the stiffness of carbon fiber is superior to that of an equivalent piece of steel while also remaining much substantially lighter and is similar to plastic in weight.  This gives the carbon fiber panels a much higher strength to weight ratio by comparison.

***Currently we keep plain weave panels in stock, however twill weave panels are also available at the same price. Please call for availability. ***

***Any of our carbon or carbon / Kevlar fabric is also available for custom ordered panels and will be priced on an individual basis   ***.

 !!!!!    Single sided gloss panels are available by special order!!!!

Please remember that cannot be held responsible for the misuse of Carbon Fiber sheeting or panels. It is impossible for us to know what is the intended end use of these panels. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the safety and suitability of our product for their application.  This can be achieved through research and experimental verification.



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