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Carbon Fiber Sheets

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Real Carbon Fiber Sheets & Carbon Fiber PanelsFor Sale

ILLSTREET composites is a manufacturer of Carbon Fiber Sheet, Foam core compositePanels, carbon fiber plates, carbon panels and Carbon Fiber Plate, Carbon fiber composite panels.

 Unlike some Composite Panels and Carbon Fiber sheets or Foam Core Composite Sandwich Panels; all of our carbon fiber sheets  and Carbon Fiber Products are made with 1st quality real carbon fiber that has been manufactured in the USA. We take pride in our manufacturing, so we only use the best materials and manufacturing process available. Call us in you have questions about our carbon fiber sheet for sale

 Do have questions and want to know what is carbon fiber? We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

(Custom Panels, Bulk Panels, Machined Sheets available upon request!)
Stocked Carbon Fiber Composite Panels listed below are available up to 4ft x 8ft

Name # of Layers 5.7oz Fabric Thickness (in.) Thickness (mm) Price / Sq Ft
.01" Carbon Fiber Sheets
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1 0.01 0.254 From $ 16.56 / sqft
.02" Carbon Fiber Sheets
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2 0.02 0.508 From $ 17.67 / sqft
.04" Carbon Fiber Sheets
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4 0.04 1.016 From $ 22.88 / sqft
.05" Carbon Fiber Sheets
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5 0.05 1.27 From $ 30.31 / sqft
.07" Carbon Fiber Sheets
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7 0.07 1.778 From $ 41.25 / sqft
.09" Carbon Fiber Sheets
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9 0.09 2.286 From $ 56.22 / sqft
.12" Carbon Fiber Sheets
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12 0.12 3.048 From $ 62.97 / sqft
We only list stocked sizes. Any Size is available. Call or email us for custom sizes, Core Panels, CNC Cutting, etc.

Custom Manufactured Panels

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Composite Sandwich Panel to replace Aluminum and Steel in Machine Applications where panel bending is a design consideration.





-Material:  Quasi-isotropic [0/45/-45/90] unidirectional carbon fiber skinned sandwich structure, 001
Surface-(Epoxy Resin, Glasscloth or Carbon Fiber Fabric),

1000 and 2000 [1 inch and 2 inch thick (A) Polyurethane-Glass-Cloth Reinforced Foam].



Composite Sheet/Sandwich Panel Technical Articles

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