High Speed Composite Rotor Sleeves

LeapTech Composites has the unique design and analysis capability to design very highly stressed, high speed lightweight filament wound rotor sleeves for applications such as, flywheels and electromagnetic machines, (multi-pole electrical generators). Composite sleeves have been successfully designed to contain the rotor core for generators on the Boeing 767, 737-700 B737-AWECS, Airbus A320, A330/A340, EFA and many other programs. In addition LeapTech Composites specializes in the design of containment rings around copper end windings, exciters and PMG magnets.  

LeapTech Composites provides a complete service to customers, including material selection and analysis, material property analysis, finite element modeling of customers structure, classical lamination analysis of composite sleeve, support of product development (including testing support and analysis of results), and manufacturing support.