Composites Experience

1. MarketingProposals
2. Product DevelopmentConceptual Design
3. MaterialsDesign, Selection, Testing
4. ModelsExcel, MathCad, CLT, FEM
5. Resin Analysis DMA, TGA, Rehology, Creep, Time-Temperature Superposition
6. Fiber Analysis2D/3D Properties
7. Micromechanical AnalysisFiber/Resin/Filler
8. MicromechanicsFEM, Fiber Resin Arrays
9. Innovative CompositesDesign of Stringer Run Out
10. Unreinforced Engineering Plastics Torlon, Vespel, Ultem, PPS, Polycarbonate, Ryton
11. Reinforced Engineering Plastics Short Fiber, Glass, Carbon, Vespel, Ultem, Torlon
12. Wing Box Structures Harrier Program, Silicone Rubber tooling design, Intergral stringer development, RAE/MOD contract
13. Interior Aircraft FurnishingsToilets, Cabin, Sandwich structure design
14. Polycarbonate Vacuum FormingSidewall Panels
15. Sine Wave Spars Jaguar Program, Tooling development, manufacturing development, lay-up design, material evaluation, material testing (sbs, flexural subelement test programs), Continuous carbon fiber (T300/BSL914)
16. BVID Impact DamageIntegral Panel Development
17. Wing Ribs Jaguar Program, Tooling development, manufacturing development, lay-up design, material evaluation, material testing (SBS, flexural, sub-element test programs) Continuous carbon fiber (T300/BSL914)
18. Integral Skin PanelsHawk Program
19. Undercarriage Doors Program Manager, A330/A340, Manufacturing development, Flexible honeycomb, Carbon Cloth, Integral attachment hard points, design for test program.
20. BAe146 ToiletsKevlar sandwich panel structures, Continuous carbon Toilet Trays, Molded FEP liners, trim Application development
21. Fire, Smoke, ToxicityBAe representative on Committee
22. Thick Flat Panel Program One inch, Flat panels, Platen Press application
23. ATP Rudder Tip Design, development, tooling Design and development, Manufacture for production, Continuous carbon fiber
24. ATP Kevlar Access Panels Honeycomb panels, edge design, Fastening features
25. ATP Kevlar electrical crates Innovative tooling design, Development of structures, Kevlar 49/BSL914
26. Electrical BoxesEMI shielding program
27. HS125 Wing programFeasibility study
28. B767 Ram Air Turbine Blade Feasibility study, design, SMC Manufacturing development, test Program management, materials Analysis
29. Baggage Bay Materials development, design, Testing, S2 glass cloth, trim Covering development. BAe 146, ATP
30. Carbon woven clothVeil cloths
31. SMC Carbon fiber SMC (1in short Fiber) analysis, development, Press molding development
32. A330/A340 Ram Air Turbine Blade Program Manager, Materials Development, tooling Development, Design and Analysis, manufacture for Production, Flight testing
33. Blade Program Lightning protection, moisture Barriers, titanium root fitting, Tensile and bend test program, Icing test, wind tunnel tests
34. Resin Transfer MoldingGenerator housing developments
35. Ram Air Turbine Strut SMC molding, feasibility study, Prototype manufacture, design and analysis, tooling development
36. ATP Engine Support Frame Continuous carbon fiber skins, honeycomb core, adhesive bonding, test specimens and test program, flight testing
37. Liquid Exposure Hot oil, moisture, Liquid Nitrogen, Skydrol, analysis to exposure
38. Hot Temperature Exposure500oF exposure testing
39. Failure Analysis 

Other Topics