Carbon Fiber Rotary Table Cost

LeapTech Composites has provided an informative cost of blank and machined carbon dial tables
The costs provided are only informative for Carbon Dial Tables
manufactured from the disc material CFCD001-1000A-R02, (1 inch thick
foam, minimal carbon fiber layers R02, 1.114 inch total thickness).

   The informative costs are provided for
Carbon Dial Table Diameters 24, 30,
36, 42 and 48 inchs.
 Machined costs for 6 stations, each with 2 drilled/tapped and 2 reamed
holes per station. Includes drilling for indexer.
Reference Diameter (in)Blank Carbon Dial Cost ($)Machine Carbon Dial Cost ($)Total Cost ($)
    Costs are subject to change and should be used for information only.