ENGINEERING: 36″ Dial Table Deflection

The edge deflection for a 36″ Dial Table was estimated for both the Carbon dial table and an aluminum dial table. Edge deflection was estimated for total tool loads of 28, 57 and 113lbs. A 36″ diameter dial table is traditionally manufactured from 1″ thick Mic6 aluminum, so the carbon dial table was compared directly with this product.
FRAME W shows edge deflection from weight of CFCD001-xxxx-R02, R04 and aluminum dial tables.
FRAMES 1, 2 and 3 show the edge deflection of a BCDT-03600A Carbon Dial Table manufactured from LeapTech’s CFCD-xxxx-R02, R04, R08 and R012 materials compared to aluminum for varying tool loads. 
Edge deflection information provided for comparison purposes only. The information shows that the deflection performance of a Carbon dial table can match the performance of traditional material dial table simply by increasing thickness and it will still come out lighter than the metal counterpart. Specific circular plate edge deflection values can be provided by LeapTech.