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How to Make Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Molds

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Fiberglass Molds, fiberglass Mold Making kit, how to make Fiberglass molds, Carbon Fiber part , Fiberglass part,How to make a mold, Composites TutorialDo you want to know how to make fiberglass molds for a carbon fiber part or a fiberglass part?  Learning to make a mold is easy to do, and this composites tutorial section is dedicated to showing you step by step what composites supplies you will need, and the things you need to know to make a world class fiberglass mold and teach you everything you need to know to use them safely and ensure they have a long life giving you many parts. We have also taken the time to make a Fiberglass mold making kit for those who have an interest in making fiberglass molds for themselves.  Consider this section Fiberglass Mold Making 101


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