Carbon Fiber Machine Covers

A flo-matic automated dip-tank cleaning machine was fitted with 31 carbon fiber machine covers at the goodwill center in Rockford, IL. The use of carbon fiber panels in a medium-heavy industrial application that involved heat, dust, chemicals (from the items being cleaned), continuous vibration from the JET AIR dryers and machine motion, wear and tear from continuous operation showed absolutely no adverse effects.

A frontal view of the automated dip-tank machine installed at the Goodwill Center in Rockford, IL. Note the environment of operation and the frontal carbon fiber machine covers.


Side view of the Flo-matic machine showing carbon fiber machine covers.



Side wall showing carbon fiber machine covers.



Control panel of flo-matic machine showing carbon fiber machine covers fitted around electrical conduits.



Rear view of flo-matic machine showing carbon fiber machine covers with integral air dryer tubes.


LeapTech’s Carbon Fiber Machine covers are designed to replace steel machine exteriors.


Carbon Fiber Machine Covers are used primarily to protect the internal workings of machines; replacing stainless steel, aluminum and steel. Carbon fiber machine covers are resin infusion molded with a resin gloss finish on the exterior surface and a matte finish on the interior surface. Our machine covers are manufactured from carbon fiber fabric and epoxy resin, the exterior surface is protected with glass-cloth fabric. The edges are finished, with corner radius 3/16″ unless otherwise specified by the customer. Our maximum machine cover width is 48″


  • Color: Opaque Black, Carbon Fiber Weave visible
  • Max Temp is 180 degrees F, Low temp unrated.
  • Thickness tolerance ± .010 in
  • Width and Length Tolerance ± .25 in
  • Mounting holes are machined with carbide or diamond tipped drills
  • Mounting holes, cut outs and large access holes can be machined to customer’s prints at additional charge.
  • Covers can be cut to any size
Carbon Fiber Machine Covers
P/NWeight, lbs/ft^2Cover Size, ftWeight, lbs
  • Nominal Thickness, 0.078 inches