Carbon Fiber Sheet Tech Data

Carbon Fiber Sheet DeflectionCentral Plate Deflection of Carbon Fiber Plates as compared to 1″ thick aluminum and 1″ thick steel plates.
Stiffness of a Carbon Fiber SheetThis article goes into depth discussing the flexural stiffness of LeapTech’s carbon fiber sheets in quasi-isotropic form as well as bidirectional form as compared to aluminum and steel.
Inserts for Composite Sandwich PanelsInserts allow bolts to be attached to foam core carbon fiber panels without crushing the panel. Inserts are necessary in thick foam core panels.
Insert ApplicationThis article goes into depth on the installation of inserts in composite panels.
Insert Block Performance AnalysisCertain situations require a block to be installed in cored panels. This article goes into depth on the situations where these blocks are necessary.
Bolting with Counter Bores in
Composite Sandwich Panels
In certain situations, bolts should be countersunk into the panel. In our experience, this is necessary when runout must be controlled to a specific amount.
Threaded Insert Pullout AnalysisAn analysis of the forces involved in pulling out inserts. This is a necessary read when your inserts will be in tension.

Threaded Insert Torque Analysis

This is a study on the effect of torque on inserts. This is generally important to read when using inserts in any capacity.
Additional studies can be performed by LeapTech Composites upon request.

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