Styrene Surfacing Wax – Mod-C


Looking for a smoother finish on your resin and gelcoat projects? Try our Styrene Surfacing Wax. It’s a straightforward additive that helps you get a non-sticky, easy-to-sand surface. Mix it with your polyester resins and gelcoats, and you’ll notice the difference. Just use 2oz for every gallon. Simple as that.

Styrene Surfacing Wax


Enhance the finish of your resin and gelcoat projects with our Styrene Surfacing Wax. Specifically formulated as an additive for polyester resins and gelcoats, this wax ensures a cured and smooth finish, making sanding a breeze. Ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike, it promises a refined and polished end result.

Key Features:

  • Improved Finish: Without surfacing wax, your top polyester coat could feel tacky and uncured due to air inhibiting the cure.
  • Compatibility: Perfectly formulated for polyester resins and gelcoats.
  • Optimal Mixing Ratio: Recommended usage at a ratio of 2oz per gallon of resin/gelcoat.

Why is my fiberglass resin still tacky?

Styrene Surfacing Wax is a specialized additive that, when mixed with resins and gelcoats, promotes a surface cure, resulting in a tack-free finish. This tack-free surface is not only aesthetically pleasing but also significantly easier to sand and handle. When resins and gelcoats cure without this wax, they often remain sticky or tacky to the touch. By incorporating Styrene Surfacing Wax, users can ensure a complete cure, making subsequent processes like sanding and polishing more efficient. It’s a crucial component for those seeking a professional-grade finish on their projects.


  1. Prepare and catalyze your resin or gelcoat in a mixing container.
  2. Add Styrene Surfacing Wax at the recommended ratio of 2oz per gallon of resin/gelcoat.
  3. Stir thoroughly until the wax is evenly distributed throughout the mixture.
  4. Apply the mixture as you normally would, following the guidelines of the resin or gelcoat.
  5. Allow to cure as per manufacturer’s recommendations.


  • Always work in a well-ventilated area to minimize inhalation of fumes.
  • Wear protective gloves and eyewear during handling and application.
  • Store the wax in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children and pets.
  • If in contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water.
  • Seek medical attention if ingested or if there’s contact with eyes.

Common Uses:

Styrene Surfacing Wax is predominantly used in the marine industry for boat repairs and manufacturing, automotive applications for body repairs, and in any project where polyester resins and gelcoats are employed. Its primary function is to ensure a tack-free, sandable finish, making it a favorite among professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


Styrene Surfacing Wax - Mod-C (Gallon)

January 22, 2019

Great to have a local fiberglass supplier in the Charleston area. Very competive pricing & knowledgeable staff.


Styrene Surfacing Wax - Mod-C (Gallon)

June 2, 2015

Works well and requires very little product

Randy Saverance

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