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Fiberglass S2-Glass Cloth

Composite Materials, S -Fiberglass, Fiberglass Cloth, Composite Reinforcement, S-Glass

Composite Materials , S-Fiberglass, S-Glass, Fiberglass Cloth, Composite, materials ,Reinforcement,fiber glass fabric

 S-Fiberglass cloth, or simply S-Glass, looks and feels exactly the same as E-fiberglass cloth. However, it is made from a higher-strength glass fabric, which gives it approximately 40% higher tensile strength, and a 20% higher modulus. This fiberglass has a  greater strength and abrasion resistance when used as a composite reinforcement. Additionally all of our fiberglass cloth has an aerospace grade silane finish that is compatible with polyester resin, vinylester, and epoxy resins. This finish allows the Fiberglass to have a longer shelf life and also provides a resistance to moisture. So if you are comparison shopping between E-glass and S-Glass materials, this is the superior composite material as far as tensile strength and modulus, but that strength does come with a slightly higher price. 



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4oz S Glass – 27" width
4oz S Glass Style 4522 Plain Weave Thickness: 0.0058" S-Glass will has the same workin..
As low as: $5.75
Based on 1 reviews.
6oz S Glass – 30" width
6oz S Glass Style 4533 Plain Weave Thickness: 0.0089 S-Glass will has the same working..
As low as: $8.60
Based on 1 reviews.
8.9oz S Glass - Satin Weave – 38" width
8.9oz S Glass - Satin Weave Style 6781 8-Harness Satin Weave Thickness: 0.0097" Tightl..
As low as: $15.00
Based on 1 reviews.
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