Carbon Fiber / Fiberglass Paint & Coatings

 To protect epoxy Dial Tables from Ultra Violet Light (UV) a chemical surface coating is applied. The chemical coating is a polyurethane enamel POLANE manufactured by Sherman Williams. (POLANE is a registered trade mark of Sherman Williams.)
 Polyurethane is a modified aliphatic acrylic urethane resistant to mild acids, alkalis and solvents. Polane has excellent durability properties, is resistant to abrasion, and has excellent color retention. The service temperature of Polane is 250oF
  -Polane coating enamel is available in assorted colors-. ACI offers Polane in three coatings. BLACK 003A, SILVER (Aluminum visual coating) 003B and 003C CLEAR (shows underlying Carbon Fiber Surface).  
  Polane HS Plus Polyurethane Enamel is used on Food and Beverage Machines, Pharmaceutical Machines and Medical Machines.