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Carbon Fiber Material Design & Analysis

Advanced Composite and Carbon Fiber Parts design & analysis is the foundation on which composites engineering is built. Illstreet provides detailed micro and macro mechanical material design based on current engineering practices. Material designs can be prepared for products with either continuous or discontinuous fibers. Illstreet also provides analysis of fiber and matrix interaction with respect to environment, fiber/resin bond strength, and composite strength allowables.

Level F: Non-Metallic Product Design Requirements for a new design non-metallic product needs to be based on composites and engineering plastics design practices. A new design non-metallic product would be based on customer specification and regulatory requirements. A new design non-metallic product may require a feasibility study to determine material and manufacturing method.

The new design may require product Composites manufacturing development. A new design non-metallic product would require material and stress analysis based on complexity. The loaded new design may require development and subsequent material and product analysis. Material and product tests will be required to verify performance.Advanced Composites manufacturing, engineering, carbon fiber, fiberglass,

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