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Fiberglass S2-Glass Cloth

Composite Materials, S -Fiberglass, Fiberglass Cloth, Composite Reinforcement, S-Glass

Composite Materials , S-Fiberglass, S-Glass, Fiberglass Cloth, Composite, materials ,Reinforcement,fiber glass fabric

 S- Fiberglass cloth or simply S-Glass  looks and feels exactly the same as E-fiberglass cloth. However, it is made from a higher-strength glass fabric which gives it approximately 40% higher tensile strength and a 20% higher modulus. This fiberglass  greater strength and  abrasion resistance when used as a composite reinforcement. Additionally all of our Fiberglass cloth has  an aerospace-grade silane finish that is compatible with polyester resin, vinylester, and epoxy resins. This finish allows the Fiberglass to have a longer shelf life and also makes is  less affected by moisture. So, if you are comparison shopping between E-glass and S-Glass materials , this is the superior composite material, but that strength does com with a slightly higher price. 



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4oz S Glass – 27" width
4oz S Glass Style 4522 Plain Weave Thickness: 0.0058" S-Glass will has the same workin..
As low as: $4.94
6oz S Glass – 30" width
6oz S Glass Style 6533 Plain Weave Thickness: 0.0089 S-Glass will has the same working..
As low as: $6.60
8.9oz S Glass - Satin Weave – 38" width
8.9oz S Glass - Satin Weave Style 6781 8-Harness Satin Weave Thickness: 0.0097" Tightl..
As low as: $11.95
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