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iLLSTREET, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of carbon fiber and fiberglass composite materials, parts and supplies. An experienced staff of engineers and composite technicians make it possible for us to assist in the development of a customer’s design from prototype into a product intended for manufacturing. We take ideas and make them tangible products. Custom prototypes, “one-off” custom parts, molding, repairs and/or full production manufacturing are all within our capabilities.

In an age when individual customer service is becoming a “thing of the past”, iLLSTREET remains an anomaly in that we are flexible and can adjust to our customer’s unique needs. In essence, we are customer-driven as opposed to sales-driven. Recognizing that the customer is the life-blood of any successful business, iLLSTREET has chosen to adapt our company to what will work for our customers. To that end, every iLLSTREET employee is accessible to our customers. Additionally, unlike many of our competitors, we are not industry-specific.

A keen understanding of the broad spectrum benefits of carbon fiber has allowed us to work with a diverse customer base. In fact, we have experience in carbon fiber applications as they pertain to the motorsports, aerospace, energy, sporting goods and athletic apparel, marine, military, law enforcement, consumer products, manufacturing, computer and medical industries.


Carbon fiber parts manufacturer and composite materials for sale. Advanced Composites, fiberglass and carbon fibre pros.

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My project is a large patio flat stone that I painted Koi fish, I want to pour the resin in layers, painting the fish repeatedly on each layer. I molded poly clay around the stone. Question: will the resin stick to the poly clay?Also, will resin stick to plastic wrap? Response; If you use a little polyease, it won't stick to anything that is sprayed with the release... ...»
Linda Miller
Buy the squeegee and all your problems shall disappear!.. ...»
Nick Slager
Amazing price on such great quality Carbon Fiber. Shipped decently fast and i WILL be ordering more!.. ...»
Nick Slager
illstreet Composites, LLC