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VentVac Plus Venturi Vacuum Generator


This venturi device converts air from your compressor into vacuum. These venturi devices create 1.2 to 3.2 CFM of vacuum flow and produce 27.5″ of Hg of pressure using only 80 PSI of compressed air. We have had no problem achieving full vacuum in large bags with a 20 gallon compressor. Since there are no moving parts, this is a great vacuum source – reliable, efficient and surprisingly quiet.

Also known as vacuum generators, these pumps are driven by compressed air.

  • Air Requirement
    at 80 PSI
    Bag Size

    VentVac Mini

    .8 CFM

    1/8″ NPT

    1.80 CFM
    2′ x 4′

    VentVac Basic

    1.2 CFM

    1/8″ NPT

    2.1 CFM
    4′ x 4′

    VentVac Plus

    3.2 CFM

    1/8″ NPT

    4.8 CFM
    4′ x 9′




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