Polygel 40 Liquid Urethane Kit


Mixed 1 Part A to 1 Part B
Hardness, Shore A: 40

Info: A self-thickening brushable mold rubber. Used primarily for blanket molds. Usually requires a mother mold backing to support the mold after it is made. Plaster or fiberglass and resin are commonly used for mother molds.

Polygel mold rubbers consist of two liquids, Part A and Part B which after mixing immediately gel to a brushable or trowellable consistency, then cure overnight at room temperature to a flexible, tough RTV rubber. They are ideal for molds built up with a brush, spatula or spray, Polygel mold rubbers are recommended for evaluation as a mold material for plaster, cement and waxes, as well as for limited casting with polyester epoxy and polyurethane resins.


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