8.7oz Fiberglass Tape (E-Glass Cloth)


This is sold by the yard
Narrow width woven cloth fabrics provide easy wet-out when used with epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins. These cloth tapes are ideal for seams, joints and cracks.

These cloths can be purchased by the linear YARD or in full rolls of 50 yards.
Plain Weave
Thickness: 0.0107″


What is Fiberglass tape?


Fiberglass is a fiber-reinforced polymer, which is made from fine glass fibers and then reinforced with a plastic Binder or  “matrix”.  This plastic matrix may be epoxy, a thermosetting plastic such as polyester, vinylester or a thermoplastic

The Glass fibers are formed when thin strands of silica-based glass are extruded into many small diameter fibers that can be used for textile processing.  While fiberglass is lightweight and strong it has physical properties are lower that those of Carbon Fiber, and is also less stiff.  Fiberglass is however less brittle and the raw materials are less expensive.



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