Fiberglass Mold Making Kits

Have you been thinking about using carbon fiber or fiberglass to make your own composite parts? Do you want to know how to make a mold for a custom part that you have in mind? We have put together this fiberglass mold making kit for those of you that want to make carbon fiber parts, or those of you that have decided to make fiberglass parts that does not work well with the materials used for smaller projects such as Silicone-RTV.  Our Fiberglass mold kit contains everything you will need in order to make your first fiberglass mold.  With proper maintenance the molds these kits are capable of producing will give you the ability to pull numerous parts all with the exact details on the last part you make as they were on your first. 

The materials used in this kit have been chosen for their ease of use as well their durability, and are all products that we stand behind. We use these same materials in our Composites Manufacturing facility to make the fiberglass molds and fiberglass plugs we use on a daily basis to produce our high quality Engineered Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Composites. and are proud to be able to offer them to you at low prices .