NEWS RELEASE – Carbon Fiber Bat manufacturer Pure Sports to double production in 2022

Pure Sports Technologies, LLC

Carbon Fiber Bat manufacturer Pure Sports to double production in 2022

Pure Sports Technologies, LLC is making a major capital investment into their domestic manufacturing capabilities. The retooling and expansion of PURE’s domestic manufacturing line will occur over the next six months and will result in the ability to produce as many as four times more carbon fiber bats per day. Staff will be more than doubled and new types of bats will be added to Pure’s capabilities including USA Softball, USSSA Slow Pitch and Fast Pitch Softball Bats.

PURE has had the demand to justify expanding this line for several years but didn’t want to shut down production without having a really great alternative bat for customers to buy while upgrades were being made. With the success of the PURE NDM3, NDM2, Branch and BMF lines, which are assembled in Charleston, SC, customers now have a second option for a truly fantastic, high performance bat.

PURE will continue to expand upon American assembly, paint and finish of bats during this time. However, no completely American made bats will be manufactured during this six month period – This includes the NDM1 and Integrity II products. When the upgraded production line is back online, PURE will have improved quality, mitigated any carbon fiber supply issues that may be upcoming and will have the capability to make one or two piece bats with the BC16 barrel technology at unprecedented rates.

PURE has put aside 100 of the last bats to come off the line for a very special throwback integrity release to celebrate the five year anniversary of the company in April. More details will be released at a later date.

Pure Sports Technologies, LLC (PURE) was established in April of 2017 and specializes in the manufacture of carbon fiber softball bats and baseball equipment. PURE is located in Charleston, SC just a few miles from the beach. Carbon fiber bats have seen increased popularity within the diamond sports markets due to their light weight and higher performance over traditional wood and metal bats. One of the few companies left dedicated to manufacturing America’s baseball and softball products in the United States, PURE uses the latest state of the art technology to create high performance and custom bats for customers.

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