T-300 Carbon Fiber Technical Data

Thermal T300 PAN-Based Carbon Fiber is a standard modulus fiber supplied with 1% UC.309 epoxy-compatible sizing.

Typical Properties** of Thornel T-300 PAN-Based Fiber

Typical Property of a filament of Carbon Fiber US Customary Units SI Units
Tensile Strength of Carbon Fiber 545 ksi 3.75 GPa
Tensile Modulus of Carbon Fiber 33.5 Msi 231 GPa
Density of Carbon Fiber .064 lbs/in3 1.76 g/cc
Elongation at Break of Carbon Fiber 1.6%  
Carbon Fiber Filament Diameter 7.0 micron  
Carbon Assay 92%  
Electrical Resistivity of Carbon Fiber 18.0 micro-ohm-m  
Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Fiber   5 W/mK


Tow Count (100s of filaments per strand)
Property   Units 1K* 3K* 6K* 12K*
Yield   yd/lb 7,500 2,510 1,255 627
    m/g 15.05 5.04 2.52 1.26
Linear Density   g/m .066 .198 .398 .792
Fiber Area in Yarn Cross Section   in2x103 5.3 17.5 35.0 70

*K refers to 1,000s of filaments in a strand
**Typical properties, actual properties of individual lots will vary within specification limits.

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