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Sealant Tape

Vacuum bagging Supplies, Vacuum infusion supplies, Sealant tape. Buytl

Our Butyl- sealant tape is used to provide an airtight seal while performing a vacuum infusion. This Tape will hold full vacuum up to 350F when properly applied to your fiberglass molds, and will help provide you with the best possible composites part. Our vacuum bagging supplies and vacuum infusion supplies are all made from the highest quality materials available.  

Byutl Sealant Tape, Vacuum bagging Supplies, Vacuum infusion Supplies, Composites

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Sealant Tape 25 ft roll (Yellow, 8" diameter)
25 Foot Long Rolls (approx 8" diam.) Gum-like Tacky tape, generally used to seal edges of ..
As low as: $6.45
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