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Peel Ply & Release Films

Vacuum Bagging supplies, Vacuum infusion supplies, Peel Ply, PTFE, Release Film


Vacuum bagging supplies ,vacuum infusion Supplies, Peel ply, PTFE, Release FilmRelease film, also known as Peel Ply or PTFE is a tough, finely woven fiberglass that has been treated with a release agent. It is used as a barrier to  separate the bleeder/  breather and vacuum bag from the composite laminate during vacuum bagging.The peel ply allows excess epoxy and resin to bleed through and is then removed from the cured composite laminate along with the Release film.  Peel ply removes easily and leaves a smooth textured surface ready for bonding or finishing.

We Do Not recommended for post-cure temperatures over 120 F (49 C). We stock large volumes of all our vacuum bagging supplies and vacuum infusion supplies. They are avialable in lengths ranging from one linear yard to full rolls. 


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Peel Ply Release Fabric 60" width
Peel ply release film is similar to a rip stop nylon.  It has the texture of a finely woven ..
As low as: $4.51
Based on 1 reviews.
Perforated Release Film 60" width
The perforated release film (perf) is also a highly reusable product if you're working with relat..
As low as: $6.49
Porous Teflon Coated Fiberglass, .003 x 38" (PTFE Release Film)
Porous Teflon-Coated Fiberglass (PTFE) is a very strong teflon-coated release film. It is bit mor..
Instructional booklet On Vacuum Bagging Techniques
50 pages on vacuum bagging techniques published by Gougeon Brothers(West System) This product..
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