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Ultra Deluxe Vacuum Bagging kit

Ultra Deluxe Vacuum Bagging kit
Ultra Deluxe Vacuum Bagging kit
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Ultra Deluxe Vacuum Bagging kitUltra Deluxe Vacuum Bagging kit
Product Code:  KIT-VB03
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This vacuum bagging kit includes the materials necessary for you to use vacuum bag and make carbon fiber and composite parts lighter,and stronger by giving you the ideal fiber to resin ratio. This kit is capable of producing kayaks, canoes, and other watercraft . Automotive parts such as custom carbon fiber hoods, carbon fiber doors, Fiberglass  fenders  and much more.

We have chosen the materials in this kit after years of use in our manufacturing division. We stand by each of these products individually, and are proud to offer you all of them at a great value as a kit.  

** This kit is recommended to be used with a vacuum pump 5 CFM or larger, and is designed to be used with large composite parts or in a production setting.  As well as a resin catch tank to prevent excess resin from flowing into your vacuum pump. **

This Vacuum Bagging starter kit includes : 


10 Yds of Peel ply

10 Yds of Breather

5 Yds of Vacuum bag 

4 rolls of Sealant tape ( 25ft.)

1 Aluminum Vacuum connector

1 Vacuum pump chosen by you.  ( 5 CFM recommended) 

1 Vacuum gauge

12 Feet of 3/8" tubing

Vacuum bagging also know as Vacuum Resin Transfer Molding or Vacuum Resin Infusion is a process that uses a two-sided mold that shapes both surfaces of a composite part. The lower mold is rigid, and commonly made from Fiberglass and coated with gelcoat. The upper portion of the mold is made from a flexible membrane or vacuum bag. This vacuum bag can be a reusable silicone material or an extruded polymer film. Once the lay up is completed, vacuum is applied to the mold cavity and the material is allowed to debulk. This process can be performed at either ambient or elevated temperature with ambient atmospheric pressure acting upon the vacuum bag.

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