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Composite fillers , West Systems , Aerosil Cabosil

Composite Fillers, West Systems , Aerosil Cabosil

Our fillers have been selected after exhaustive research into the products currently available to the public so that we can provide you with a top quality product that you can be confident using in your project. We have in-stock products ranging from 3M Products and  Aerosil-Cabosil to West Systems products.

Please take a look at our selection and feel free to call in with any questions. 



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(Fumed Silica) ( Aer-o-sil 200 ) Net Weight: 2oz/qt Thickening agent for epoxies, polyesters,..
As low as: $3.45
Based on 1 reviews.
ATH - Alumina Trihydrate (per pound)
Hydrated aluminum powder can be added to epoxy, polyester and urethane resins for dispersing heat..
As low as: $2.25
Chopped Strand Filler 1/2" (per pound)
Longer strands than the 1/4" and will provide a coarser mixture that will also give a stronger re..
As low as: $2.80
Based on 1 reviews.
Chopped Strand Filler 1/4" (per pound)
This material consists of 1/4" chopped fiberglass. Used to increase strength especially in tight ..
As low as: $2.82
Based on 1 reviews.
Q-Cells, 1 QT
Net Weight: 3oz/qt Inorganic hollow spheres added to resins that will allow for a smoother past..
As low as: $2.60
Based on 2 reviews.
Talc Filler, 5 LB
Lowest cost filler for thickening polyester and epoxy resins but will add significant weight over..
1/32" Milled Fiber
Milled fiberglass powder added to epoxies and polyesters to increase strength of putty and add su..
As low as: $8.45
3M Glass Bubbles
(K-1) Net Weight: 3oz/qt These hollow glass microspheres can be added to any epoxy and polyes..
As low as: $3.90
West System 403 Microfibers
A fine fiber blend, used to thicken resin to create a multi-purpose adhesive, excellent for bondi..
West System 404 High Density Filler
A thickening additive developed for maximum physical properties in hardware bonding in which high..
Based on 1 reviews.
West System 405 Filleting Blend filler 8oz
A strong wood-toned filler for use in glue joints and fillets on naturally finished wood interior..
West System 406 Colloidal Silica
A thickening additive used to control the viscosity of the epoxy and prevent runoff from joints. ..
West System 407 Low-Density Fairing Filler
A blended microballoon-based filler used to make fairing putties that are easy to sand or carve. ..
West System 410 Microlight Fairing Filler
The ideal low-density filler for creating a light, easily worked fairing compound, especially for..
West System 420 Aluminum Powder
420 aluminum powder provides limited protection from ultraviolet light in areas which will not be..
West System 422 Barrier Coat Additive
# A proprietary blend designed to improve cured epoxy's moisture-exclusion effectiveness. # 422..
West System 423 Graphite Powder
423 graphite powder is a fine black powder that can be mixed with West System epoxy to produce a ..
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