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Composite Product Marketing Support

Advanced Composite Product Marketing Support

Level A: Composites Engineering Consulting

Consultation to determine if customer's metallic product, for reasons of cost and end use requirements, is a candidate for Composites Engineering or engineered plastic design. The consultation process determines applicability and feasibility.

Within this level of consultation Illstreet Composites offers a unique service. This service is the direct technical support of your marketing and sales representatives either onsite or at your customer's facility. Illstreet Composites will prepare a marketing and sales presentation with all relevant technical informationthat is  applicable to your non-metallic products.

Level B: Non-Metallic Direct Product Substitution

Illstreet Composites believes that existing metallic products may lend themselves to direct non-metallic material substitution. The change could be marketing driven or to reduce cost by either a rapid manufacturing method or part count reduction.

Illstreet Composites would supply the necessary engineering and technical support to provide a successful conversion from a metallic product to a non-metallic product.

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