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Deluxe Carbon Fiber Kit with Clear Polyester Resin

Deluxe Carbon Fiber Kit with Clear Polyester Resin
Deluxe Carbon Fiber Kit with Clear Polyester Resin
Product Code:  KIT-CFP2
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Do you want to make carbon fiber parts? Our Deluxe Carbon Fiber Kit with Clear Polyester Resin contains all the materials necessary to do it yourself.  The carbon fiber cloth and resin included with this kit are all top quality Composite materials.

This kit includes all of the basic composite materials you will need to make a small carbon fiber part, make a repair, or skin a part in carbon fiber.  The best part is that our Carbon fiber kits are small and affordable while coming in a range of sizes to suit your project.  That means you won’t have to break the bank to buy large quantities of materials.

This kit contains Silmar 249A polyester surfboard resin.  It is ideal for skinning parts in carbon fiber or creating aesthetic parts where strength is not critical. This is a UV stable resin and is MUCH easier to work with than our epoxy kits.  If you're skinning something in carbon fiber for looks, this is the kit for you.

This kit contains:
-1 piece of REAL 3k 2x2 twill carbon fiber fabric 24" x 50"
-10 oz of Silmar 249A Surfboard Resin
-1 oz MEKP Hardener
-1 1 oz Measuring Cup
-Mold Release Wax
-2 tongue depressors for stirring
-1 brush for applying epoxy
-1 squeege to ensure proper wetout
-1 pair of gloves

Also, we will include a short instruction manual that covers the basics of carbon fiber layup and repair.



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