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Advanced composites manufacturing, Carbon fiber manufacturing, Carbon Product development, Composites engineering services,    

What if I could offer you a service that, with a few easy steps, could answer all your questions about carbon fiber parts and composites manufacturing? I challenge you to read on, identify yourself with one of the following types of customers in the list below, and lets start answering your questions.        
1. You have discovered the allure of carbon fiber and the thought comes to you, "I could do something with that!" But you just don't know how or what...
      -Pick up the phone and CALL ILLSTREET (877) 696-4455. -Let's discuss your ideas -I'll share with you the benefit for using carbon fiber -Your question "How do I apply carbon fiber to MY idea?" will be answered.                
2. Do you have a lifeless product that's lost its market potential? Illstreet can offer you the opportunity to bring it back to life with carbon fiber!
      -We can get started as soon as you CALL ILLSTREET (877) 696-4455. -I'll tell you the secret of how to make a product that is stronger, works efficiently, and makes you money. -We will match our capabilities, technology, or techniques to your needs. -Our composite engineering capabilities will benefit YOUR idea because: *You will have someone to do the job *You will have a source of supply for your product *You will have a better product        
3. Does your company need help with new product development, Composites Engineering, and/or Composites Manufacturing?    
      -Give me a call at ILLSTREET (877) 696-4455 -I'll be able to offer you another source for engineering that you currently don't have available -Illstreet will do the engineering but also wants to see your product all the way through production                  
4. Are you an engineer that has come across some problems?                      
      -Let's talk! CALL ILLSTREET (877) 696-4455 -I have a "one stop shopping" deal, like no other, to offer you: *Engineering *Design/Prototyping *Producing -There's a team of technicians at Illstreet to offer you field support. We will come out to see your problem and help you fix it.                
5. Do you have a product that you want to turn into carbon fiber?                    
      -I would love to hear about it. CALL ILLSTREET (877) 696-4455 -I will see what your product is made of and reverse engineer it to turn it into a composite product. -You won't have to imagine what a lighter, stronger, and less expensive product will look like, I'll show you.            
Now what if I could give you a package deal we prepare on a case by case basis, to give you what you need? We will create a product proposal which will show you a step by step break down of us seeing your product to completion. This will include:  
    -Engineering       -Design           -Tooling Design              
  -Ball Park Price     -Prototype Manufacturing       -Final Production          
Wait, there's more! Read on for a few more services we can offer you here at Illstreet.        
*Substitute composite materials engineering of commercial products         *Composites design in industrial machine products          
        This requires a meeting between Tony and another engineer, designer, architect or someone who can explain what it is they require, need, or are having issues with. Tony will then use composites to enhance your product or produce greater performance & value for your products.          
  Tony will take your existing product made from almost any material. Then take the reason for why you want to change it and reengineer it for carbon fiber.                      
*Engineering Analysis of composite Structures                  
  What if I could offer you a service that in 3 easy steps would take your product to a 3D world where you're in control of how much you spend. The steps include: A: Show illstreet can use our process we tell about. We can really do the engineering B: Step above a back of the envelope model, presentation, calculation. C: Then the full finite element model. -The cost is distributed between each step. With each step we us in house programs. If you want to proceed we will then create a simplified finite element model. Then a full finite element model. For the final step Tony does several load cases or different scenarios with your product.                    
          *Prototype Composite Machine component Manufacture        
            There will be a small amount of engineering but then Tony will take your product from just an analysis to a design and test prototype or different design configurations.          
          *Prototype Aerospace and Advanced Composites Component Manufacture      
              As a Composites Manufacturer we can offer engineering designs and prototyping.            
            *Field Support of Products          
                            We will go onsite to view or review products. Also we will present in-house client presentation, proposals, or concepts.          
*Manufacture of Automated assembly machine composite components                  
  This service is for inertia driven components or in other words things that go fast in motion.                    


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