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70-60 Tin-Sil RTV Silicone Mold Rubber 1lb Pint Kit

70-60 Tin-Sil RTV Silicone Mold Rubber 1lb Pint Kit
70-60 Tin-Sil RTV Silicone Mold Rubber 1lb Pint Kit
Product Code:  POLY-70601
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Mixed 20 parts B to 1 part A
Hardness, Shore A: 60
Pour Time: 30 min.
Demold Time: 24 Hours
Cured Color: Red

Info: A more rigid silicone rubber similar to the hardness of a pencil eraser. No mold release is required, however when making a mold from a porous surface such as wood the surface should be sealed or painted to avoid possible sticking.

Consists of a liquid Part B base and Part A accelerator which after mixing at the proper ratio by weight, cure at room temperature to a flexible high tear strength RTV silicone rubber. All TinSil 70 Series mold rubbers are tin-catalyzed, condensation-cure systems. They are ideal for molds where easy release or high temperature resistance is needed. They are recommended for evaluation as mold materials for polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resins and waxes. Mold release is not required for casting parts in silicone molds. A mold release wax may be needed when pouring the liquid silicone rubber onto a porous substrate such as wood or plaster. Should not be used with silicone based releases or lubricants.

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